Digital Impulse for Food Sustainability: EU4Advice Collaboration


The Innovation Platform, the Linkedin Community and the Advice Database: Digital Pillars for a Sustainable Future in the Food Chain

 Collaboration in the EU4Advice project has undergone a significant digital transformation thanks to three innovative tools that have redefined the way participants exchange information and promote food sustainability. These tools, designed to enhance cooperation and exchange, are proving to be instrumental in driving more sustainable practices in the food chain.

Sustainable Food System Innovation Platform:

The platform, hosted at and managed by IFA, has evolved since its creation in the context of Smartchain to adapt to the specific needs of EU4Advice. The platform has been enhanced with adjustments to the ‘About us’ section, the inclusion of a Living Labs inventory, and optimisations to increase its attractiveness. Regular meetings between project managers, which now include EU4Advice and COREnet, have been key to ensuring effective alignment. In 2023, the SFS Innovation Platform attracted some 300 new registrants, consolidating itself as an essential hub for knowledge exchange.

Linkedin ‘Short Food Chain EU Community’:

AMPED has led the creation and development of this community on LinkedIn, also emerging from Smartchain. Through network analysis based on LinkedIn connections, the network has been strengthened with datasets of people in the EU4A. Despite starting with around 500 members, the community experienced impressive growth throughout 2023, reaching 634 members in October. Effective strategies, such as actively inviting contacts, are driving this continued growth.

Counselling Service Database:

UHOH is leading the creation of this fundamental database, which will be the meeting point for advisors and will be fed with key information from T1.1. Strategic meetings with COREnet and other projects have allowed discussions on the inclusion and operationalisation of this database on various platforms, such as i2connect, EU FarmBook or ModernAKIS.

These digital tools not only facilitate collaboration between EU4Advice participants, but also open up new opportunities to promote sustainable practices in the food chain at European level. With increasing participation and continuous adaptation, these digital platforms are proving to be essential catalysts for a more sustainable future in food production and distribution.