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The Living Lab of Central Europe will be managed in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (AMA) by Amped in collaboration with AMS Institute, Province of Flevoland and Wageningen University.

For several years now, Amped has been involved in activating a broad range of partners from different sectors, with the common goal of creating a robust, regional and regenerative food system in the AMA. Through the EU4Advice framework and as Living Lab manager, Amped aims at further connecting these partners, and the knowledge and experience created, with the other living labs, to foster a multi-level learning approach.

This Living Lab also aims to facilitate collaborations between running EU projects and networks in the area, efficiently building a learning ecosystem for a just transition towards a regional, regenerative food system. The AMA as a Living Lab will therefore align with other European, regional, and interregional projects and networks such as FOODCLIC, Pakhuis de Zwijger, Ecosystem of Horticulture Network NL, Data Value Center Agri Food, etc.

Living Lab Manager


Mark Frederiks, Amped          Lucie Jeandrain, Amped

Supporting Partners

Specific Challenges

  • High logistical costs due to low production volumes
  • High marketing costs
  • High IT costs
  • Limited proof of added value of locality
  • Counteracting market mechanism and regulation
  • Fair pricing for farmers


Changing the playing field towards regenerative, robust and resilient regions, by combining networks around a shared vision of SFSC into a transformative force.

Testing and setting up a replicable transformational governance model and learning network in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (AMA, Dutch: MRA) based on the GAIN transition model.

Developing a reproducible learning ecosystem model from the roll out of a regional, regenerative food system in the AMA.

Scaling up short food supply chains in the AMA to a substantive market share of 25% by 2030 by bundling the SFSC, bringing networks together, combining logistics, developing and utilizing a joint online platform and testing different market approaches.

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