Establishment of 4 living laboratories in the EU4Advice project


The creation of regional networks and formal advisory systems are some of the achievements and challenges in the 4 Living Labs (LL) established by the EU4Advice project.


Firstly, the achievement of establishing the 4 LLs, meeting essential criteria including the inclusion of all stakeholders and the creation of a joint vision on the issues to be addressed. Ongoing guidance from AMS has been fundamental in this process, through regular meetings that addressed key aspects such as stakeholder identification, stakeholder contact, identification of needs and the creation of a shared vision. A follow-up framework has also been established for each LL, ensuring effective monitoring of their progress.

In terms of specific achievements in each LL:

  • Hungarian LL: It has stood out for its focus on the creation of a regional network of advisors, promoting both the support to the people included in the network and the visibility of local products. The holding of the first Multi-Actor Workshop in August is evidence of early engagement with the community.
  • French LL: A strong network has been proposed to test the GAIN transition model, with a focus on governance. The four key themes they address reveal a holistic approach, and the successful holding of the first Multi-Actor Workshop in October supports the active implementation of this model.
  • Spanish LL: With the aim of establishing a formal advisory system at the national level, this LL has held strategic meetings to define specific objectives. Although it faces regional policy and legal challenges, it is on track to address them through a series of working meetings planned for the coming months.
  • Irish LL: Despite an unexpected setback due to the sale of the farm on which the LL was built, efforts are focused on overcoming this obstacle. The temporary disruption has led to a pause, but work is actively underway to reincorporate the LL with the involvement of a new institution as a partner or through subcontracting.

In summary, the progress and challenges in the Living Labs reflect the complexity and dynamism of the project, highlighting the continued commitment of all parties involved in promoting sustainable practices in the food system.