EU4Advice is Online!


We are excited to announce that the official EU4Advice website was launched in June 2023. The website was designed in the style of the developed EU4Advice corporate identity, which shares similarities with our twin project COREnet. Those similarities are expressed in terms of color palettes and the overall arrangement of the logos, making it easier for SFSC actors to understand their relatedness at first glance.

The website features different sections to browse through and explore, where visitors can find information regarding EU4Advice, our twin and sister projects from the domain of SFSCs, various news and events from the domain of short food supply chains and a knowledge hub containing sector-specific resources and publications. Additionally, the website has a dedicated section for our four Living Labs, located in Hungary, the Netherlands, Ireland and Spain, which serve as collaboration,work and knowledge spaces for short food chain actors.

Make sure to visit our website regularly, as lots of exciting content will be added over the project duration. In the future, the EU4Advice website will become a gateway to a searchable database of advisors and a central hub for short food chain related topics.

Join our social channels!

EU4Advice is represented on LinkedIn, as well as Twitter, to communicate with our various target groups and disseminate findings and results.  Make sure to follow us on our channels to receive regular updates on what’s happening in EU4Advice and in the short food supply chain sector.

Building upon our predecessor project SMARTCHAIN, EU4Advice and COREnet will continue to grow and interact within a specialized LinkedIn community group dedicated to short food supply chains, as a dynamic forum for exchanging and stimulating ideas, policy-related issues and best practices.

If you are interested in joining the group, please follow this link. We will be happy to receive your request!

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