New EURACTIV Podcast Beyond the Byline – EU farmers seek dialogue for sustainable food production


In the recent episode of the EURACTIV podcast “Beyond the Byline,” EU farmers called for dialogue to support sustainable food production. Peeter Meedendorp, President of CEJA Young Farmers, and Karl Bauer, Chairman of Copa Cogeca’s Working Party on Rural Development, discussed the challenges and opportunities facing EU farmers as they work to produce food in a way that is both economically viable and environmentally sustainable.

Meedendorp emphasized the importance of dialogue between farmers and policymakers, as well as between different stakeholders in the food chain. He argued that farmers need to be involved in the development of new policies that affect them, and that their expertise should be valued.

Bauer highlighted the need for financial support for farmers who are transitioning to more sustainable practices. He also called for a better understanding of the challenges facing farmers, such as climate change and market volatility.

Both Meedendorp and Bauer agreed that sustainable food production is essential to ensure a secure and healthy food supply for future generations. They called on policymakers to work with farmers to develop policies that support sustainable farming and ensure that farmers are fairly rewarded for their efforts.

If you want to hear the full podcast, please visit the EURACTIV website.